Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lost In Atlantis

Let me get this out of my system ahead of time: Paramore.

Lost In Atlantis is a great band out of Phoenix, who define themselves as "Rocktronica." If you ask me, definitely worth a listen. In all honesty, I'm torn between throwing myself down at their feet and boycotting them for the rest of my life. As you're listening there's no doubt that it's all been done before. But does that really make it bad? Everything has been done before, and if it hasn't then there is not a very good chance that it will take off. Lost In Atlantis brings in some really unique aspects to the very mainstream sound, and that's all you really need. You can tell they work hard for their sound, it definitely has creativity, and it obviously sounds good. Really all this tells me is that Lost In Atlantis could very well be the next Arizona band to go national.

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